JavaScript exercise-examples for Beginners

Published on : August 03,2022
JavaScript exercise-examples for Beginners

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What is JavaScript?

  • JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to Web pages
  • JavaScript is a scripting language
  • A JavaScript script is a program that is included on an HTML page
  • JavaScript scripts are text on Web pages that are interpreted and run by Web browsers
  • JavaScript is initially named and developed as LiveScript at Netscape Navigator Corporation
  • JavaScript is not Java
  • Due to Java wave or Java popularity and buzz, LiveScript renamed to JavaS


What can JavaScript do?

  • Create an active User Interface
  • Control the user experience based on Day, Date, Time and Browser, etc
  • Validate user input on forms
  • Create custom HTML pages on the fly/dynamically
  • Control Web browsers interactivity and behaviors


What can't JavaScript do?

  • JavaScript can't talk to a Database (Its possible with NodeJs)
  • JavaScript can't write to files (Its possible with NodeJs)
  • Keep track of state (except with cookies)


Topics include

  1. How to swapping variables in javascript
  2. How to find max number in javascript
  3. How to check page view is landscape or portrait using javascript
  4. JavaScript FizzBuzz Algorithms Example
  5. Checks Speed Limits by given input using javascript
  6. Javascript Odd Even Number Loop Example
  7. Count Truthy Falsy Values Using Javascript
  8. Checks and prints only the string type properties of an object
  9. Calculate the sum of multiples of 3 & 5 upto given limit
  10. Netsted Loop Star Pattern Example
  11. Calculate the sum of marks , average show grade
  12. Create Random Bingo Card With Rendom Numbers
  13. Show or print Prime Number upto provided range in javascript
  14. Show or print Sum of Arguments Javascript
  15. Show or print Sum of Arguments passed as an Array in Javascript
  16. Create an object with read only propety named In javascripe
  17. Create Array From Argument Range In Javascript
  18. Array Includes Element Exists Using Javascript
  19. Array Excludes Value To New Array Using Javascript
  20. Counts the search occurances from an array in javascript
  21. Javascript Array Get Max Largest Number
  22. Javascript Array Filter Sort and Map Function
  23. Object Create Students and Address Object In Javascript
  24. Javascript Object Create Object Factory Constructor Function
  25. Javascript Check Object Equality

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Praful Sangani
Praful Sangani
I'm a passionate full-stack developer with expertise in PHP, Laravel, Angular, React Js, Vue, Node, Javascript, JQuery, Codeigniter, and Bootstrap. I enjoy sharing my knowledge by writing tutorials and providing tips to others in the industry. I prioritize consistency and hard work, and I always aim to improve my skills to keep up with the latest advancements. As the owner of Open Code Solution, I'm committed to providing high-quality services to help clients achieve their business goals.


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