Fast Paginate for Laravel 9

Published on : July 27,2022
Fast Paginate for Laravel 9

Hi Developer,

In this article will learn about Fast Paginate with Laravel 9

This is a fast limit/offset pagination macro for Laravel. It can be used in place of the standard paginate methods.

This packages uses a SQL method similar to a "deferred join" to achieve this speedup. A deferred join is a technique that defers access to requested columns until after the offset and limit have been applied.

In our case we don't actually do a join, but rather a where in with a subquery. Using this technique we create a subquery that can be optimized with specific indexes for maximum speed and then use those results to fetch the full rows.

The SQL looks something like this:

select * from contacts              -- The full data that you want to show your users.
    where in (          -- The "deferred join" or subquery, in our case.
        select id from contacts     -- The pagination, accessing as little data as possible - ID only.
        limit 15 offset 150000      

You might get an error trying to run the query above! Something like This version of MySQL doesn't yet support 'LIMIT & IN/ALL/ANY/SOME subquery. In this package, we run them as two separate queries to get around that!

The benefits can vary based on your dataset, but this method allows the database to examine as little data as possible satisfy the user's intent.

It's unlikely that this method will ever perform worse than traditional offset / limit, although it is possible, so be sure to test on your data!

 $paginator = $this->clone()
                // Only select the primary key, we'll get the full
                // records in a second query below.
                // We don't need eager loads for this cloned query, they'll
                // remain on the query that actually gets the records.
                // (withoutEagerLoads not available on Laravel 8.)
                ->paginate($perPage, ['*'], $pageName, $page);

            // Get the key values from the records on the current page without mutating them.
            $ids = $paginator->getCollection()->map->getRawOriginal($key)->toArray();

            if ($model->getKeyType() === 'int') {
                $this->query->whereIntegerInRaw("$table.$key", $ids);
            } else {
                $this->query->whereIn("$table.$key", $ids);



This package supports Laravel 8 and 9. (Laravel 8 must be 8.37 or higher.)

To install, require the package via composer:

composer require hammerstone/fast-paginate

There is nothing further you need to do. The service provider will be loaded automatically by Laravel.



Anywhere you would use Model::query()->paginate(), you can use Model::query()->fastPaginate()! That's it! The method signature is the same.

Relationships are supported as well:



Hope it can help you…

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Praful Sangani
Praful Sangani
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